VW Arteon Sound System Upgrade: Harness Prep and Test Install


All my parts finally arrived 📦! Next step is to alter the harness a bit, to make the install a breeze. We need to cut the iso connectors off and add 5 feet (1.5 meter) extension cables to allow for the amp to be located under the passenger seat.

Harness Preparation

Quadlock T-Harness
Harness Leads For Amplifier Relocation

Test Installation

Test fit In the car

🎉🎉 Started the car and all 4 speakers were playing audio!

I did a quick sound test to hear the difference right away. It was much cleaner, had a surprising amount of bass, and didn’t distort when turned up.

Next I set the 2-dimensional fader to test all 4 speakers and marked the input and output wires to ensure I wire it up correctly during the actual install.

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