VW Arteon Sound System Upgrade: Research and Prep


VW Arteon

I have a 2019 Volkswagen Arteon R-Line without the Dynaudio system. I want to upgrade my stereo in a 2 phase approach. First, add an aftermarket amplifier to the stock speakers and head unit. Then, replace the stock speakers with something more premium.
While adding the amplifier, I want to use all plug and play connections to allow me to revert to stock easily.

Parts and Supplies

4-Channel Amplifier

Speaker level input: Unsupported amplifiers would need a line out converter prior to amplification.
Power: 50-100 watts per channel.
DSP (Digital Signal Processor): Nice to have.

Factory Radio T-Harness

52 Pin Quadlock Connector.
Connects in glovebox to the Discover Media’s Brainbox.

Amplifier Wiring Kit

Wire width depends on amplifier power draw.
4/8/10 AWG power cable with inline fuse.
4/8/10 AWG ground cable.
Use the harness supplied 12V and ground connections (⚠️ This can be dangerous with more powerful amplifiers).

Audio Signal Wiring Extension (Pre-Amp/Post-Amp)

Long enough to reach from the glovebox to the desired amplifier location.
4 Channels (8 wires) of factory speaker level audio from glovebox to amplifier.
4 Channels (8 wires) of speaker level audio from amplifier to glovebox.
Plug and Playable: 8 RCA, 8 Pin Molex, 8 Pin ISO Radio, or soldered connections.

My Setup

🚀 Thats everything we will need! Next step, begin fitting the various cables in the car.

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